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Adult Spiders for Sale

Sub & Adult Spiders for Sale

Here at Mansfield Aquatic, Reptile & Pet Centre (Marp Centre) we offer one of the largest selections of spiders / tarantulas for a pet shop in the UK with various different species to choose from. we also have in stock all the food and equipment needed to care for your spiders / tarantulas, with free advice always available.

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Last updated 02/07/2018

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From only 45.00

Please contact us if you would like further information or pictures for a particular sub / adult spider or if you are travelling to purchase to check on price and availability.

Cyriopagopoeus minax, Thailand Black, SA/A, 39.95


Porrhothele antipodiana, Black Tunnel Web, SA/A, 19.95


Goliath Bird Eater, Theraphosa stirmi 89.95


Heteroscodra maculate, Togo Starburst, SA/A, 39.95


Chilobrachys sp. kaeng krachan, Dark Earth Tiger, SA/A, 39.95


Eucratoscelus pachypu,s Stout Leg Baboon, SA/A, 34.95


Brachypelma albopilosum, curly hair, 39.95


Cyriopagopoeus albostriatum, Thia Zebra, Female, SA/A, 39.95


Aphonopelma sp. New River, New River Rust Rump, SA/A, 44.95


Aphonopelma seemani, costa rican zebra Adult Female 49.95


Indian ornamental spider, poecilotheria regalis adult female 69.95


Grammostola rosea, Chile Rose, SA/A, 34.95

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