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Adult Spiders for Sale

Sub & Adult Spiders for Sale

Here at Mansfield Aquatic, Reptile & Pet Centre (Marp Centre) we offer one of the largest selections of spiders / tarantulas for a pet shop in the UK with various different species to choose from. we also have in stock all the food and equipment needed to care for your spiders / tarantulas, with free advice always available.

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Last updated 08/11/2018

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From only 45.00

Please contact us if you would like further information or pictures for a particular sub / adult spider or if you are travelling to purchase to check on price and availability.

Theraphosa sirmi, Goliath Bird Eater, 109.95


Brachypelma bohemi, Mexican Fire Leg, 6-7cm, 44.95


Heteroscodra maculata, Togo Starburst, 29.95


Stromatopelma calcatum, Feather Leg Baboon, 8cm, 34.95


Ceratogyrus marshalli, Unicorn Horned Baboon, 34.95


Cyriocosmus elegans, Trinidad Dwarf Tiger, Adult Female, 54.95


Heteroscodra maculate, Togo Starburst, 39.95


Chilobrachys sp. kaeng krachan, Dark Earth Tiger, 39.95


Eucratoscelus pachypu,s Stout Leg Baboon, 34.95


Brachypelma albopilosum, curly hair, 39.95


Cyriopagopoeus albostriatum, Thia Zebra, Female, 39.95


Aphonopelma sp. New River, New River Rust Rump,44.95


Indian ornamental spider, poecilotheria regalis adult female 69.95


Cyclocosmia ricketti, Chinese Hour Glass Spider, 29.95


Hysterocrates gigas, Rusty Baboon, 7-8cm, 19.95


Goliath Bird Eater, Theraphosa stirmi 89.95

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