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Live and Frozen Food

Live Food and Frozen Food

Mansfield Aquatic, Reptile & Pet Centre (Marp Centre) sell a large selection of quality live food and frozen reptile food. We have two deliveries a week to ensure you are able to buy the freshest food available. Bulk bags also available to order just ask at the counter. (Fresh deliveries arrive on a Monday afternoon and a Friday morning)

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Complete Setups at the Marp Centre

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Live Food & Frozen Food at the Marp Centre

Here at Mansfield Aquatic Reptile & Pet Centre we offer the best frozen and live food around. you can be sure of the quality as we feed all the same food to our own personal animals. we have fresh live food deliveries on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings as well as a frozen food delivery weekly.

Silent Brown Crickets

Cricket size 1,  hatch

Cricket size 2,  small

Cricket size 3,  small / medium

Cricket size 4,  medium

Cricket size 5,  large

Cricket size 6,  adult

Locusts Live Food 

Locust size 1,  small

Locust size 2,  small / medium

Locust size 3,  medium

Locust size 5,  x large

Locust size 6,  adult

10 tubs 1.00 a tub

Live Food at the Marp Centre

Frozen Rats

Rat Pups

Rat Fluffs

Weaner Rats

Small Rats

Medium Rats

Large Rats

Jumbo Rats

X Jumbo Rats


Frozen Mice



Small Mice

Medium Mice

Large Mice

Jumbo Mice


Frozen Mice at the Marp Centre

Other Frozen Food

Small Rabbit

Medium Rabbit

Large Rabbit

S Guinea Pig

L Guinea Pig



Other Frozen Food

S Gerbil

L Gerbil



50 Chicks


Frozen Food at the Marp Centre

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