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South American Cichlids for Sale

South American Chiclids for Sale

At Mansfield Aquatic, Reptile & Pet Centre (Marp Centre) we have a large selections of south American cichlids with new stock arriving weekly, we stock everything from blue rams, geophagus and oscars as well as tanks, tropical fish food, treatments and more. We are open 7 days a week including bank holidays.

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Last updated 24/08/2019

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Complete Setups at the Marp Centre

From only 24.99

Please contact us if you would like further information for any fish or if you are travelling to check on price and availability.


South American Chiclids for Sale

Albino Tiger Oscar 7.95 Each, 2 For 14, 4 For 25


Pike Cichlid 9.95 Each


Electric Blue Rams 6.95 Each, 2 For 12


German Gold Rams 5.95 Each, 2 For 10


Blood Red Parrot Fish 19.95 Each, 2 For 35, 6 For 100


Red Humped Eartheater 9.95 Each, 3 For 28, 6 For 55


Grade A Red Pearl Flowerhorn 54.95 Each


Red Spotted Severums 17.95 Each, 2 for 30


Electric Blue Acara 9.95 Each


Blue Acara 4.95 Each, 3 for 12


Red Devil Cichlid 9.95 Each


Chocolate Cichlid 8.95 Each

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